Dev Links 5

Dev Links 5
  1. Refactoring 30000 lines of JS with types
  2. Code Smells in CSS Revisited
  3. Typography for Developers
  4. Front-End Developer Handbook 2017
  5. What makes Rails a framework worth learning in 2017?
  6. Don’t Shit Where You Eat
  7. Docker for Devs Part 1: Containerizing Your Application
  8. Building a Bookmarking App with Electron, VueJs, and Firebase
  9. Adam Wathan Talks About Test Driven Laravel And Podcasting
  10. Calculon/80 is a single board computer designed to run cp/m. it is based on the 8-bit cpu Z-80 and utilizes GPIO, RS-232, IDE interface and timers.
  11. The Story Of The Fraudulent Coder

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  1. A Financially Sensible Plan for Handling Career Burnout
  2. How to activate your brain’s ability to learn

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