SSH screens are scrambled? Here is what you should try!

SSH screens are scrambled? Here is what you should try!

TL;DR version at the end.

For the last couple of months or so, I had this super-duper-mega annoying issue with SSH sessions: any clear command would miserably fail: the cursor was placed on top of the screen, but the screen… well, take a look at this short video here:

As I said, super annoying.

This happened suddently, at a moment I can’t really pinpoint (most likely one update that went rogue), so I kind of learned to work around the issue and ignore it.

Until today! I decided to bite the bullet and I start digging and find the source of this issue once and for all. The first clue was when i found that TERM=vt100; export TERM would fix the issue. The only problem? Is was set per server AND per session, and I have this issue on every single server, so pasting that every time when I tried to connect was not really a solution.

Then I found out that I can send env variables from my PC to the remote machine. Yay! Is just that… I can send only some variables: the one that were blessed on the remote machine’s sshd_config file. So this was no go too.

But then I found that there is this little variable that is sent AND accepted anyway: TERM! This is when something clicked: echo %TERM% in windows cmd echoed xterm. Hmmm, I don’t remember putting that there!

So I simply changed that value to screen, and… it works! Probably I could get away by simply removing that variable, but at this point I’m too afraid to try anything else :D

Hint: If you are not comfortable with setting env variables on windows, I strongly suggest this awesome piece of tool: REE.

TL;DR: set TERM env variable to either linux, screen or vt100.

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