Articole de citit (după) acest weekend III

Articole de citit (după) acest weekend III

Cu o oarecare întârziere din varii motive:

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Gigel Anonimu' a scris

De acord cu TDD – am inceput sa implementez si eu intr-o mica masura ptr. functionalitati majore si se simte masiv la productivitate, mai ales cand faci o schimbare minora si te intrebi „ba, daca am stricat ceva la X??”. Dai un Ctrl + Shift + T in vsCode si-ti ruleaza frumos toate testele Mocha si dormi linistit. :) Bine, stiu ca de-abia zgarii suprafata TDD da’ hei, mai bine decat deloc.

Interesant si cu Toptal, n-auzisem. Ce-i funny (daca-i adevarat) e ca designerii sunt mai bine platiti decat programatorii:

Gigel Anonimu' a scris

Ah, si ca sa fiu in spiritul comentariilor anterioare la tipul asta de posturi (unde volens-nolens contribui si eu), uite o chestie misto pe care am citit-o saptamana asta:
(excerpt din „The Linux Command line”)

„When I am asked to explain the difference between Windows and Linux, I often use a toy analogy.
Windows is like a Game Boy. You go to the store and buy one all shiny new in the box. You take it home, turn it on, and play with it. Pretty graphics, cute sounds. After a while, though, you get tired of the game that came with it, so you go back to the store and buy another one. This cycle repeats over and over. Finally, you go back to the store and say to the person behind the counter, “I want a game that does this!” only to be told that no such game exists because there is no “market demand” for it. Then you say, “But I only need to change this one thing!” The person behind the counter says you can’t change it. The games are all sealed up in their cartridges. You discover that your toy is limited to the games that others have decided that you need and no more.
Linux, on the other hand, is like the world’s largest Erector Set. You open it up, and it’s just a huge collection of parts—a lot of steel struts, screws, nuts, gears, pulleys, and motors and a few suggestions on what to build. So you start to play with it. You build one of the suggestions and then another. After a while you discover that you have your own ideas of what to make. You don’t ever have to go back to the store, because you already have everything you need. The Erector Set takes on the shape of your imagination. It does what you want.
Your choice of toys is, of course, a personal thing, so which toy would you find more satisfying?”

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