La pas prin Constanța – partea a treia (ultima)

După cum am spus într-un comentariu, vine și Constanța văzută strict prin ochii unui străin. Textul îi aparține în totalitate, iar eventualele greșeli de ortografie există dintr-un motiv foarte simplu: este italian.

Cum și el va citi comentarii, v-aș ruga să postați comentariile în engleză.

Constanta is the most eastern city I visited since I’m on this planet.
I expected such an aesthetic impact. I mean: communism style buildings and urban architecture. This was not shocking for me, but quite interesting.

Ionut and Despina accompanied me to the oldest part of the city and, although many devastated constructions, I breathed a comfortable air.

We met quite every evening just to have a walk around and taste Romanian and neighboring cuisine (souvlaki…lot of garlic there!). Surely we crossed many times Mamaia main street. I think we walked about 20km in 3 days over that street. But it seemed to be ever-changing, since it looked always different every time we walked the same way. Clubs and resorts light the street and people enjoy sea breeze, dancing, talking, eating, meeting and loving in a relaxed mood. A very special experience was the Mamaia Telegondola crossing (‘cos I’ve some problems with vertigo!)

Since Ionut hates sea and clubs I did that on my own :)

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to know people easily, and it was. On the beach I met some beautiful girls (please don’t ask me anything about romanian girls, I want only to forget….wow man!) and very nice guys, curious about my book (La trilogia della città  di K. – Agota Kristoff).

Days passed very quickly, staying on the sand, looking at the sea, studying people habits and having heavy sunbaths (now I’m BAAAAD, I’m BAAAD, you know it, come on). I also met a girl from Poland that came with me in dance night clubs and I’d like to thank her very much, because that avoided people thought I was a single dancing maniac.

I found people kind and available. On the other side I was surprised that the only music you find around is the commercial one, especially HOUSE that beats your head in every public place. This is ok for dancing, but come on! Let’s rest our ears during the daytime. The other „cultural” aspect that surprised me is that in book shops titles are VERY FEW!! I found more DVDs than books.

I think that capitalism had a very bad side effect on Romanian attitude to life. There’s an exasperated competition about „who has the biggest one”. This could be sexually interesting, but it reflects almost on cars, telephones, branded dress and so on. I think romanian citizens (because I didn’t cross the inland) should concentrate most on „how great they are”.

They have a great potential…I hope they focus it towards the right direction. This is not true for Ionut and Despina. They’ve another culture and life perception. Also they were so kind I think I will go back in Constanta and meet them.

Anyway. I had fun. A lot.

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joe a scris

Indeed, capitalism took a weird turn in Romania, creating something pretty special. It’s maybe not that different from other small countries, but here it seems that it’s still something new, always mutating.

Constanta is not Mamaia, it’s mostly the old harbour and stronghold with a rich history, observed even by your native friend, Publius Ovidius. A LOT of the old place is still here, but it’s kind of hidden. So…hopefully, in the near future, will fix that.

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