Useful WordPress Bookmarklet for lazy people

Ok, this is my first english post, so please excuse my grammar errors :)

So, what is all about? I made (some people says that is VERY useful) two bookmarklets for WordPress to help you if you are a professional blogger (or professional blog reader who uses to comment on post).

Ok, enough chit-chatting, show me the stuff!

Chill man, i show you right now! The first bookmarklet automatically fills out comment form with your info (Name, Email and URL). How to use? The easiest way is to paste next code in a text editor (Notepad should be fine) and change values with apropiate one:

javascript:try {document.getElementById('author').value='Your name'; document.getElementById('email').value='[email protected]'; document.getElementById('url').value=''; void(null)} catch(err){};try{document.getElementById('uname').value='Your Name'; document.getElementById('uurl').value=''; void(null)} catch(err){};

The do like me in the next video (click!). Done :)

The second bookmark is even better! If you use to quote different users but you are too lazy to write every time <blockquote></blockquote> and to copy/paste other people reply, then next bookmarklet is for you! Just select user text, press on bookmarklet and that selection goes to reply box inside of <blockquote> </blockquote> tags!

Just drag THIS LINK on your bookmark bar. All you have to do now is to select text you want to quote and press on bookmarklet!

I did this but it doesen’t work for my blog! :(

None of these bookmarklets is guaranteed that will work 100% on all blogs! First bookmaklet will work 99% on most wordpress themes and 100% on blogspot (you should CHECK the nickname box) and second will work 99.9% on every blog (not only wordpress!), because i bet on this: i saw no blogs with more than ONE textarea. So… :D

Even more nice thing!

On my blog, you can select text and press Q on your keyboard. The magic is here: selected text is copied on reply box :D If you want this nice feature on your blog, you are free to contact me on mail (ionutzb [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com ) or Yahoo! Messenger i0nutzb.

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